February 2017

No incidents reported for this month.

January 2017

No incidents reported for this month.

December 2016

Unplanned maintenace - CSS formatting on some pages
This incident has been resolved.
Dec 12, 12:22-13:09 PST
Unexpected maintenance
Maintenance has concluded and services are available again. Thanks for your patience!
Dec 6, 10:16-10:37 PST

November 2016

Vanilla forums maintenance scheduled for Nov 22, 00:00 - 06:00 EST
Vanilla has completed their maintenance.
Nov 21, 20:36 - Nov 22, 07:40 PST

October 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

September 2016

Problems retrieving TV metadata for most users
Connectivity issues with TheTVDB have been resolved and both TV metadata retrieval and matching are again functional for users. Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience!
Sep 15, 11:31-21:22 PST
Unexpected metadata server maintenance. Metadata retrieval and matching affected.
Maintenance has concluded and metadata servers are online and available. Metadata retrieval and matching are now restored. Thanks for your patience!
Sep 13, 16:31-17:25 PST

August 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

July 2016

[Scheduled] Service Maintenance July 13 11pm-11:30PM PST
Maintenance completed.
Jul 13, 23:00-23:44 PST

June 2016

New website deploy
The new website is live and account access issues are resolved. We'll continue to fine-tune things. Enjoy your Plexing!
Jun 23, 20:53-22:28 PST

May 2016

[Scheduled] Forum maintenance: May 14, 2016, 18:00-24:00 GMT
Vanilla has completed their forum maintenance.
May 14, 19:38 PST

April 2016

No incidents reported for this month.

March 2016

Deploying new code is having issues
Rolled back to previous code base and performing deeper analysis to the root cause.
Mar 29, 15:44-15:49 PST
Unexpected issues affecting our main site and login/authentication services
Monitoring confirms that this issue is now resolved. To explain a little: A backend database went offline after experiencing memory issues. We spun up a new server, restored a database snapshot, and restarted several components. That process took longer than expected and service was intermittent and largely unavailable while it took place. We're working to tune our reporting and other processes to help identify this type of issue before it happens in the future as well as to minimize the impact this type of downtime can have for our apps and users.
Mar 13, 15:20-21:43 PST

February 2016

Maintenance scheduled for Feb 11, 22:00 PST (Feb 12, 06:00 GMT)
https://plex.tv has been stable. If you are still getting a maintenance page, please flush your DNS as we implemented a DNS change. If you do not know how to flush your DNS, reboot your device.
Feb 11, 08:20 - Feb 12, 00:26 PST

January 2016

Unscheduled Maintenance
We performed some very brief, unscheduled maintenance to resolve an issue causing high server load that affected site and service response times.
Jan 8, 09:49 PST

December 2015

https://plex.tv issues
Rolled back new features
Dec 3, 15:32-16:06 PST

November 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

October 2015

Downtime scheduled for October 15, 23:59 PDT (October 16, 06:59 GMT)
Maintenance has concluded and all services are back online.
Oct 15, 15:43 - Oct 16, 00:51 PST
Site maintenance scheduled for October 10 09:40 PDT (16:40 GMT)
Maintenance has concluded and all services are back online.
Oct 10, 09:31-10:30 PST

September 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

August 2015

Downtime scheduled for August 27, 23:59 PDT (August 28, 06:59 GMT)
Our database upgrade has concluded and all services are back online.
Aug 27, 12:42 - Aug 28, 01:02 PST
Downtime scheduled for August 19, 23:59 PDT (August 20, 06:59 GMT)
Our maintenance has concluded and all services are back online.
Aug 17, 14:06 - Aug 20, 00:15 PST
Intermittent website/login service issues
Our database upgrade has been completed and services are returning to normal now.
Aug 10, 10:38-15:41 PST
Forums Are Currently Down
Our forums service provider has resolved the availability issues.
Aug 6, 06:04-09:16 PST
Forums Are Currently Down
Forums provider has fixed the problem and monitoring systems
Aug 5, 17:35-18:06 PST

July 2015

Plex.tv is having random login issues
plex.tv is back up again. Problem looks to have been a swapping issue. Resized the DB memory and restarted.
Jul 18, 03:29-04:45 PST
'Invalid Merchant ID' errors for subscription transactions
Our payment processor has informed us that the issue has now been resolved.
Jul 9, 14:58 - Jul 10, 15:23 PST
Forum machine compromised and taken offline for investigation
After thorough investigation by a team of forensic specialists, we’ve identified the source of the compromise to the forums server. As we had suspected, the attackers gained entry via exploiting bugs in the forums software, some of which may not be well understood or publicly disclosed, or have patches readily available. The investigation did not turn up any other compromised systems. We’re continuing to investigate, but as you can imagine, it wouldn’t be wise to bring the forums back to life before being comfortable that we’re not vulnerable to the same attack. As such, we’re exploring all options, including migrating to new forums software. We’re committed to bringing back the forums as soon as humanly possible. We worked tirelessly over the holiday weekend, and will continue to work until the forums are back. We appreciate your continued patience, and apologize for this inconvenience.
Jul 1, 15:00 - Jul 7, 08:09 PST

June 2015

Widespread internet issues affecting Plex for some users
The issues caused by the AxcelX route leak are resolved. https://blog.thousandeyes.com/route-leak-causes-amazon-and-aws-outage/
Jun 30, 18:56-21:40 PST
Site and login services
The issue has been resolved. The site and login services are back to normal.
Jun 25, 10:18-10:25 PST

May 2015

Meta data server down
Meta data servers have been restored
May 29, 19:08 - May 30, 04:43 PST
Intermittent service access issues
From approximately 20:45 to 21:05 PDT, we experienced intermittent access to our login services, hosted web app, and some other areas of the plex.tv website. The access issues have now been resolved.
May 28, 21:17 PST

April 2015

No incidents reported for this month.

March 2015

chromecast stylesheet issues
No more reported issue, considering this issue closed
Mar 25, 15:00-23:36 PST
Chromecast and blog went down for 10 minutes
Due to a cloudflare mis-configuration both chromecast.plex.tv and blog.plex.tv was down from 2:06pm until 2:16pm PST. Alert were created and problem was fixed within 10 minutes.
Mar 18, 15:50 PST

February 2015

Plex.tv Maintenance at 00:00 PST Feb 16, 2015 and should last less than 30 minutes.
Performance update completed
Feb 15, 23:44 - Feb 16, 00:12 PST

January 2015

Scheduled Plex.tv DB upgrade outage
DB upgrade completed
Jan 27, 23:44 - Jan 28, 01:13 PST